Bangkok, my old friend

måndag 5 augusti 2019 Bangkok, Thailand
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The news of seven bombs exploding in the city met us upon arrival. Somewhat disturbing, even if we’re used to chaotic events and jumble of assorted variety in this turbulent city. It was supposedly - according to Bangkok Post and some other sources - the red shirts scoping for attention during a big, Asia-leaders convention in Central World. We went carefully around that first night, but didnt anticipate any problems, and now the situation seems to be under control. 

We’ve had some lovely days here so far, and being back in Bangkok is always a bit like seeing an old friend again.

Old favourites, like the street food of phaya thai road, just outside our hotel, shopping-Mekka MBK and Banglamphu with Khao San Road and Rambuttri road adds to that, of course.

The boys hastily converted into buddhists as the heat took them in Banglamphu, and invested in traditional fisherman’s pants.
 Apart from that, we were disappointed with the visit - Khao San was not at all the same. It was so cleaned up it was ruined - no food vendors on the street (there went our lunch), no sidewalk-haggling, no comotion... Ruined. Apparently, there is some sort of renovating going on... I dont think I like it.

But we’ve also taken some new paths, like going by river taxi on the klongs, and visiting new shopping mall Terminal 21, with the absolutely fabulous food court Pier 21. That was a time-travelling experience: all the great thai-food you could wish for, and much more - for prices paid back in the golden 90’s! How about som tam for 30 baht, or noodle soup for 28 baht..? 

The food village across the street here at phaya thai rd was also a pleasant surprise. 

2 more days to go before the long journey home begins...

Ciccie Jisborg
Senast aktiv - från Växjö, Kronobergs län, Sverige

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