Magic colors below the surface and great brakes at Cloudbreak

söndag 28 juli 2019 Tavarua Island, Fiji
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Fridays island-hopping was a bit unexpected... Went out with our surfguide Atu and his boat (after losing the boatkeys in the sea and looking for them for a while... 😂)

He showed us Cloudbreak, one of the worlds Top10 surfbreaks. Magnificent and a bit scary to sit in a small motorboat in the outskirts of those powerful waves!

The snorkeling off Amotu island was beautiful with great visibility, but the true highlight was the snorkelling off Tavarua island, by the clam-beds. Absolute stunning! Vivid blue, red and yellow corals, clouds of fish in different colors... Maybe the most beautiful underwater sight I’ve ever experienced. Only downside was that I was already cold, from the boatride in a drizzling rain. But what the xxx; - the cold will be forgotten soon, the spectacular seaworld -never!

Ciccie Jisborg
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