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torsdag 25 juli 2019 Natadola Harbour, Fiji
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Wednesday, we went for the surf-tour we’ve been thinking about for so long (but somehow missed to plan for..). Luckily, Dream Surf Fiji, a newly started local small business, helped us out here and we had a great day at Natadola beach! 

Our guides Atu and Dan (the last with a full focus on Lilly only) were amazing, and thanks ro them, we all caught some great waves! 

Though the waves were bigger, more forceful and rowdier than in Hermosa, Nicaragua, they were also coming in on a much higher frequency, so we all had plenty of chances to try (and fail) and try again to catch on, stand up and remain standing... I guess I was the least succesful one - though I was catching on, I only succeeded in the ”left knee, right foot on the board”- position 😊 That one took me all the way into the beach a couple of times however.

The Starslam of todays show was Lilly - who not only caught the waves and stood up all the way to the beach all of the time - but also made it look easy!!! 

We all had a blast, and were super-exhausted at the end of the session!

Ciccie Jisborg
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