Hard to stay in place w the strong currents
Hard to stay in place w the strong currents

Fiji - halfway around the world

onsdag 24 juli 2019 Fiji
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We’ve reached the farthest destination of our trip - and, actually, of any trip ever!
Its weired and magic that we’re that far away. Fiji... It sounds like a fantasy to me, and yet, I’m here.

We arrived sunday morning, July 21, after a 10 hours flight that was so-so, from Singapore Saturday night. Old and tilted seats, moviescreens that didnt work and was replaced by Ipads, and so on.
But on arrival, we were greated by Fiji songs and Fiji water, and all was forgiven.

The taxiride here to Torotogo was over an hour, and then we were at our hotel - Bedarra. Beautiful, clean and friendly was the immediate impression.

With two rooms and one bed for each family member, we’re finally able to sleep ok! 

The beach is unfortunately not much, as it is covered in corals, but there is good snorkelling just a few steps out in the sea. 

We went exploring for a bit, and had the weirdest shopping-experience ever; on a backlane, through a big group of pool-playing Fijian men, into a caged garaged where we shopped Coke and chips through a small hatch in the fence..! Wow-factor!

Dinner at Indian-Thai, and a breathtaking starsprinkled sky ended this night...


Ciccie Jisborg
Senast aktiv - från Växjö, Kronobergs län, Sverige

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