Experience-stacked days in Singapore

fredag 19 juli 2019 Singapore
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Though our living accomodation is a huge disappointment, our days in Singapore has been great. Our second day, we put 16 km into our shoes! Walking around the Merlion park, Marina Bays area and Gardens by the bay provides some of the most stunningly beautiful sceneries I know. We had a really good lunch at Lau Pa Sat hawker center, and took on Gardens By The Bay in the striking heat. Of course, Malte and Lilly chose to take a bath in the fountains - and had to walk the rest of the evening in wet clothes 😊 
A minor problem when the temperature is 33 degrees C. 

Our dinner at Gluttons Bay offered lobster, prawns, indian curries and bbq ribs. 

Yesterday was one of the Big Highlights of the trip: Universal Studios! The 4th time around, we had this carefully planned for maximum effect.

Arriving before the gates opened, we were in line for one of the greatest rides just minutes after opening; Transformer! This was the first time Lilly dared trying it, making it a complete family-experience. Great success!

As the day went past, we covered all the rides several times: Mummy ride, Cylon, Human, Madagascar rafting, Jurassic park - and of course; Lillys old favourite Spaghetti Chase. The highlights were many this glorious day, but the one standing out I must say was that Lilly went on all the bigger rides this time. She even took on the breathtaking rollercoasters of Human and Cylon! A big WOW.

They expanded the opening hours, so this time we didnt have to be rushed out by the staff... We left voluntarily when dark fell, at 7:45 pm, a good 10 hours of themepark in our backs. 

Exhausted and happy we went dinner-hunting - but mexikan food at Guzman y Gomez turned out a bitter disappointment. Just the average fast food place. Bummer.

Today, we’ll take on the canopy walk and jungle of the South Ridges.

Ciccie Jisborg
Senast aktiv - från Växjö, Kronobergs län, Sverige

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