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End of a very large tube of toothpaste and a great trip

söndag 9 december 2018 Huntingdon, England, Storbritannien
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So we are back to reality after a fantastic time away. It is very dark and chilly but I have at least stopped falling asleep all the time and this morning actually manage to sleep until the alarm went off.

A week ago we left our hotel but not  until I had managed to pull the towel the wall !!! 
and we had sat on the balcony for the last time.
Even the massive tube of toothpaste we had been using all the trip had finally come to an end.  

We took a taxi to the airport with a lovely driver who knew his way about - he told us only people born in Singapore could work as taxi drivers - which seemed like an excellent idea after all the dodgy drivers we had had trying to navigate with Google maps on their phones.

Changi Airport check- in was like a dream-  helpful people everywhere , hardly anyone about and we were even given sweets.. Mind you had to show your passport at least 4 times and be finger printed by immigration in order to leave the country -interesting -  .

The 14 hour flight passed remarkably quickly thanks to the fact we had managed to bag a 2 seater at the back of the plane + lots of films and food  but more importantly the wonderful cabin crew. Singapore Airlines really make you feel special. The gorgeous male attendant was shaking my hand and carrying my heavy hand luggage off the plane for me when we arrived - it might have had something to do with the glowing feed back form I filled in for them ! but it was nevertheless special.

We knew we were back in blighty when we landed at Heatrow T2 and had to walk miles before we got to the passport control but the machines worked for a change and  our luggage duly arrived. So  we took a taxi to the Sheraton Skyline which I had booked 8 months earlier as a Mystey Hotel for £50 . Big room , comfy bed and aircraft taking off outside the window what more can you ask for ? oh yes the shower was excellent too.
 It was only 9pm UK time and still Sunday the 2nd but we had been up 24 hours by then so we fell asleep to some Midsumer Murders on the TV.

Next morning I went with Anita to T5 where we said an emotional goodbye before I headed for the tube and train home. Maggie and Chris met me at the station and helped with the bags.

 I was at my desk in the Tourist Office the morning after and then it was straight to Caius changing room for some glamming up as  Maggie and I were due at a great Feast at St Catharines College in the evening which included much eating and drinking  -I  fell asleep during one of the speeches - but that is another story. 

Thanks everyone who has been following us on this journey and thanks for all the comments you have posted/texted. It meant a lot to us to knew you were enjoying it nearly as much as we did.
And yes we did drink a lot of sparkling wine and ate many Chicken Kievs. Not to mention the crisps. The diet starts now.

We are heading for Japan in 5 years time.............the restaurant is already booked for Anita's Birthday 2023 - so there might be some more blogging then

Lots of Love to you all
Lena and Anita 


Lena Pledger
Senast aktiv - från Huntingdon, England, Storbritannien

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