Tsunami warning
söndag 28 februari 2010 - Carmen, Centrala Visayas, Filippinerna

Woke up at 2.30 in the night by a text from mum, saying that they have issued a tsunami warning for Philippines. As we didnt have more info at the time and Stinas dad called at the same time with the same info we got a bit anxious. After some more texting and calling we finally figured out that is

Back in Alona
lördag 27 februari 2010 - Carmen, Centrala Visayas, Filippinerna

So back where I left of... Yesterday we went on a small excursion of Bohol island. We and a danish couple we meet, shared a van with a driver to 3 stops on the island. Started with a stop at a Tarsier sanctuary. The tarsier is a small nocturnal monkey. Really cute but its not many left of them.

Alona Beach
onsdag 24 februari 2010 - Carmen, Centrala Visayas, Filippinerna

Starting to when we left Boracay. We got up around 6.30 in the morning, got the tricycle, ferry and loooong van ride to the Kalibo airport. Finally there they didnt have our booking, which we had clearly made and had the flight confirmation printed from the travel agency in Boracay. So a bit upset

Next stop Bohol
söndag 21 februari 2010 - Malay, Västra Visayas, Filippinerna

At 7.30 tomorrow morning we are starting our journey to Bohol. Starting with some sort of transportation to the port at boracay and then ferry to Caticlan and then 1,5hour bus to Kalibo. From Kalibo we fly to Cebu and from Cebu we are taking a 2hour ferry to Bohol. And well in Bohol we'll try to

Still in Boracay
fredag 19 februari 2010 - Malay, Västra Visayas, Filippinerna

Thought I make an update even though nothing really has happend since last time. We're still on Boracay and today we have booked tickets to Bohol for Monday. Havent done much really this is the beach and sun vacation I needed. A few hours in the sun and then reading in the shade (for my fantasy

Lazy days
onsdag 17 februari 2010 - Malay, Västra Visayas, Filippinerna

A quick entry. Yesterday we just stayed on the beach all day, mostly in the shade as its really hot. The sunsets around 18.30 and its really beatutiful pink and orange. I made it an early night as we went up early this morning for some snorkling. The snorkel trip was a bit of a laugh. We were

Finally here
måndag 15 februari 2010 - Malay, Västra Visayas, Filippinerna

Boracay is beautiful. But lets start from the beginning. Meet up with my travelmate, Stina, at Amsterdam airport. Lovely girl from Goteborg. The flight to Manilla went really well, good food, no crying kids, wine, movies and some sleep. Well in Manilla we stood in queue to imigrations for

The end
fredag 10 juli 2009 - Recife, Pernambuco, Brasilien

Fernando was amazing, the wildlife and beaches. I miss it already. We left Fernando yesterday and now I'm alone in Recife as the rest have another week of vaction and going further up the coast for more sun. Recife isnt really a place i would choose for vacation, its not that nice old, dirty and


Been a few days now. I'm in Fernando de Noronha and havent been able to find internet or really had the time =) Fernando is a small island outside the Brazilian coast. It more or less consists of beaches. And they are awesome beaches, secluded, huge and best of all empty. Not more then maybe 2-4

onsdag 1 juli 2009 - Rio de Janeiro, Volta Redonda, Brasilien

To sum up the last days. SP was pretty cold and not much to see really, a grey town and the weather wasnt the best so I was glad to fly to Rio. We ate good tho and watched the Brazilian soccer game in a pub with the rest of the population, that was fun. Did some sightseeing around town. Monday



3 juli 2011 - 9 juli 2011

A week of sailing the Croatian archipelago with Rosa bussarna/Pink Caravans.

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Filipino style

Filipino style

13 februari 2010 - 6 mars 2010

Gonna try out the beaches and snorkelling spots in the Philippines this time. Three nice weeks of sun, beach and all that comes with it.

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26 juni 2009 - 12 juli 2009

Two weeks mini vacation in Brazil. Sao Paulo, Rio de Janerio and Fernando de noronha.

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Mayan Sun

Mayan Sun

4 november 2008 - 26 november 2008

Going with GAP adventure to Guatemala, Belize and Mexico. Sun, beaches, volcanoes and everything else centralamerica can offer.

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Ireland Baby!!

Ireland Baby!!

17 augusti 2008 - 27 augusti 2008

Back to the green island one more time to see Linda. Going to go to Araan island and Clifden and lots and lots more.

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8 juli 2007 - 3 augusti 2007

3 weeks of beach, sun and snorkling. Starting in Ko Samui and then on to Koh Pha Ngang and Ko Tao. And then 2 days of shopping in Bangkok.

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Summer at home

Summer at home

2 juni 2007 - 7 juli 2007

Just so I can upload some Swedish photos for you guys that read this.

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Working in Cork again

Working in Cork again

3 januari 2007 - 1 juni 2007

Back to earn a few pennies in Cork, Ireland.

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Australien och mera

Australien och mera

8 februari 2006 - 8 december 2006

Going to Australia with a 4 day stop over in Singapore. Well in Australia, I'll start the trip in Sydney and work my way up the east coast all they way up to Queensland and Carins. Flying from Carins to Auckland, NZ, and from there on to Fiji and Hawaii.

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