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fredag 8 februari 2008 - Paris, Île-de-France, Frankrike

paris var underbart!

Monday morning
måndag 22 oktober 2007 - Lillehammer, Oppland fylke, Norge

i'm feeling a lot better today, even tough my stomach pains are still there. So..i'm not working today at the kindergarden. so im going to go down to talk to hans and do some fishing;) then do some yoga and clean up later! On thursday night i will soon be home again. I'm thinking about everything

Brake down
torsdag 18 oktober 2007 - Lillehammer, Oppland fylke, Norge

[b]Thursday 11 oct-thursday 18 oct[/b] [i]This week have been great, hard and a confusing week in many ways, it¨s a lot thats been going on in my head since Gulli came and we went to the hospital in namsos. I and Gulli went to the hospital and as i said, everything went well, better then the

Everything went well...
fredag 12 oktober 2007 - Namsos, Nord-Trøndelag, Norge

I and Gulli are here at the hospital in Namsos and everything went really well. I just wanted to let everyone know... Annelie

I'm an aunt for the 4th time!
söndag 7 oktober 2007 - Lillehammer, Oppland fylke, Norge

Last night 04:00 i became an aunt FOR THE 4 TH TIME=) congrats dear sister to your second daughter and your forth baby=) Her name will probably be Natalie. Im so proud! tomorrow im not working, i will be at the hospital in namsos wich is 150 km for rörvik... it's gonna be okey.. I'm práying to

tisdag 2 oktober 2007 - Lillehammer, Oppland fylke, Norge

i don't know where to start. it's a lot to write when i just use the libary computer once a week:P well, last week was fast, and the weekend even faster. me and louise had a cosy friday night togheter with the girls, sanna and sandra from østersund. The same night to other sweish girls

tisdag 18 september 2007 - Namsos, Nord-Trøndelag, Norge

i'm up to a lot of decisions... it feels like i'm unlucky whereever i go now, im blood poision in my finger first of all, and then more and more important thing i need to decide, aouch it came like an arrow right into my heart when i got to here it!...and my heart starts pumping faster and

tisdag 11 september 2007 - Lillehammer, Oppland fylke, Norge

yes, it hurts a lot in my arms afetr today! this is not the easiest work ive been doing.. it's not easy at all. how im feeling mentally is really bad and im thinking about giving up every day and go home... but at the same tiem im so stubborn and i dont want to at all.. what do i do. nothing will

Away we go!!
fredag 7 september 2007 - Lillehammer, Oppland fylke, Norge

me and louise are packing so much to have with us, i guess its needed up there in the cold winter weather! as usual i dont know what tp pack, i always take alot more with then i need, but all iceland trips has been pretty good the last times... We will go in the afternoon tomorrow and stay over at

tisdag 4 september 2007 - Lillehammer, Oppland fylke, Norge

Jag och Louise åkte till norge nær jag kom hem från island, vi har hunnit med fiske och bergsklættring på egen hand! :) fast jag længtar till Gulli.. det ær det som e bra med att åka ivæg fort før att gøra saker.... annars hade jag brytit ihop totalt hemma. jag har redan brytit ihop

En säsong i Salto!

En säsong i Salto!

11 februari 2010 - 15 maj 2010

Det blir jobb i Norrland i vinter/vår :)

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16 november 2007 - 23 november 2007

i'm going to paris, visiting friends and celebrate my birthday!

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29 augusti 2007 - 26 oktober 2007

me and louise are now in norway to work in a fishing home now... 25th otctober:P

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2 april 1985 - 11 april 1989


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9 augusti 2006 - 13 juni 2007

drar till island i 13 veckor å jobbar i en liten by!:P ska bli spännande! 1 nov befinner jag mig i reykjavik och jobbar!

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26 mars 2006 - 3 maj 2006

åkte hem till falun igen. 3 maj..

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30 oktober 2004 - 5 november 2005

Min och Eli´s resa till Polen/Tyskland! [b][/b]

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