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Ciccie Jisborg överstehäxa, backpacker, mamma till Elias och Malte, gift med JJ. Undflyr höst i Sverige så ofta det går
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hemstad Växjö, Kronobergs län, Sverige
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Bangkok, my old friend
måndag 5 augusti 2019 - Bangkok, Thailand

The news of seven bombs exploding in the city met us upon arrival. Somewhat disturbing, even if we’re used to chaotic events and jumble of assorted variety in this turbulent city. It was supposedly - according to Bangkok Post and some other sources - the red shirts scoping for attention during a

Heightfreights in Kuala Lumpur

Staying at Tribeca appartments, a wonderful view meet you at sundeck of 32d floor and moondeck of 37th. Also a nauseating fear when the kids play in the pool with a half-meter fence to the drop...First day here, we went back to times square where Malte and Lilly had a little shopping spree..Second

Magic colors below the surface and great brakes at Cloudbreak
söndag 28 juli 2019 - Tavarua Island, Fiji

Fridays island-hopping was a bit unexpected... Went out with our surfguide Atu and his boat (after losing the boatkeys in the sea and looking for them for a while... 😂)He showed us Cloudbreak, one of the worlds Top10 surfbreaks. Magnificent and a bit scary to sit in a small motorboat in the

Surf’s up!
torsdag 25 juli 2019 - Natadola Harbour, Fiji

Wednesday, we went for the surf-tour we’ve been thinking about for so long (but somehow missed to plan for..). Luckily, Dream Surf Fiji, a newly started local small business, helped us out here and we had a great day at Natadola beach! Our guides Atu and Dan (the last with a full focus on Lilly

Snorkeling and lovo
onsdag 24 juli 2019 - Korotogo, Västra divisionen, Fiji

The snorkeling straight out from the beach offers a lot of beautiful fish sightings; bright blue seastars, angelfish, trumpetfish, etc. Johan and Elias even had a close encounter with a banded seasnake!Last night, we went for the hotel-arranged lovo; traditional Fiji-cooking, in a fire pit. Five

Fiji - halfway around the world
onsdag 24 juli 2019 - Fiji

We’ve reached the farthest destination of our trip - and, actually, of any trip ever!Its weired and magic that we’re that far away. Fiji... It sounds like a fantasy to me, and yet, I’m here.We arrived sunday morning, July 21, after a 10 hours flight that was so-so, from Singapore Saturday

Experience-stacked days in Singapore
fredag 19 juli 2019 - Singapore

Though our living accomodation is a huge disappointment, our days in Singapore has been great. Our second day, we put 16 km into our shoes! Walking around the Merlion park, Marina Bays area and Gardens by the bay provides some of the most stunningly beautiful sceneries I know. We had a really good

Mixed feelings
tisdag 16 juli 2019 - Singapore

After jungle adventures with canopy walks, hot springs and river tours among the probosic monkeys and fireflies of Borneo, we landed in Singapore today. Though the city never seize to enthrall, our accomodation this time certainly did and does. A filthy, rundown serviced appartments place which

Scubadiving adventures for everyone!
fredag 12 juli 2019 - Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

We went out on this long planned tour with GoAquatic, a PADI dive-centre close to our hotel, and hence also to Jesselton point, the harbour.Our guide, Gary, was a brilliant companion in all aspects; catering to the different needs of our little group splendidly. Me and Johan needed a refreshment

Hello Borneo
fredag 12 juli 2019 - Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Kota Kinabalu, Borneo. The beauty of discovering new places!First day we spent locating eateries, dive centre, harbour etc. Dinner at Sri Melaka, an allegedly great option for local food that certainly lived up to its reputation. The Assam, Laksa and Nasi lemak were the most outstanding.Next day,

Halfway around the world

Halfway around the world

6 juli 2019 - 10 augusti 2019

We´re heading as far away as we´ve ever been. Some new places to explore, some old favourites to visit. Either way, we´re travelling with an open mind and expect surprises and exciting meetings whereever we go. Eastbound - not down :)

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Back to Asia - Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand

Back to Asia - Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand

10 juli 2017 - 7 augusti 2017

Back to Asia after trips in the Middle East, Central America and USA. Big Five has gotten bigger; kids grow... Our fascination with travelling does not seem to diminish with time; quite the opposite. Monsoon period isn´t the greatest time to travel in South East Asia, but the only time we are able to travel those days. So we´ll do what we always do - set out on the road one more, confident that the road will lead us on, no matter what...

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Open jaw Singapore - Bangkok

Open jaw Singapore - Bangkok

2 juli 2013 - 31 juli 2013

Open jaw ticket Singapore Kuala Lumpur Bangkok. Streetfood, adventure, backpacking with children, charging up in the big cities, winding down at the islands, chilling the sun,laughing in the rain.

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Intense Asia

Intense Asia

10 februari 2012 - 3 mars 2012

3 weeks of south-east Asia is better than one week of south east Asia. Or Kirghistan.

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Big Five hit Asia

Big Five hit Asia

7 februari 2010 - 29 mars 2010

Another backpacker-trip to Asia... A little longer once again - and so we´ll see were the road takes us. This time we´ve got 3 children to tag along; Elias, Mr T and Lily Wild. The principle remains, though; no more than one backsack each. Looking forward to all that delicious food awaitening me - and maybe one or two calm moments by the sea...?

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Thailand indulgence

Thailand indulgence

23 oktober 2008 - 4 november 2008

A minimum of 4 dinners / day to compensate the restricted time-frame of 2 weeks travel... And of course, some serious sea dwelling; swimming, snorkling, lolling dizziliy around on the beach...

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never mind the fall!

never mind the fall!

7 november 2007 - 2 december 2007

Backpacking Thailand w our 2 children. Going back to the westcoast, where we haven´t been since 2003. Finally got the "OK" from Doc to dive again, after ear-accident. So, that´s hopefully gonna happen. The Nannies are coming down halfway through the trip and will explore my other world for the first time.

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Back in NYC

Back in NYC

5 april 2007 - 10 april 2007

Returning to my absolute Favourite City in the world - five days in an absolute crazy tempo...

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Escaping november - again!!!

Escaping november - again!!!

3 november 2006 - 26 november 2006

thailand, ryggsäck, två barn en vagn denna ggn, BKK - Hua Hin? ev Samet eller kanske ngt helt annat

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