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Snorkeling and lovo
onsdag 24 juli 2019 - Korotogo, Västra divisionen, Fiji

The snorkeling straight out from the beach offers a lot of beautiful fish sightings; bright blue seastars, angelfish, trumpetfish, etc. Johan and Elias even had a close encounter with a banded seasnake!Last night, we went for the hotel-arranged lovo; traditional Fiji-cooking, in a fire pit. Five

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Halfway around the world

Halfway around the world

6 juli 2019 - 10 augusti 2019

We´re heading as far away as we´ve ever been. Some new places to explore, some old favourites to visit. Either way, we´re travelling with an open mind and expect surprises and exciting meetings whereever we go. Eastbound - not down :)

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